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Terence's Cel Index-Synopsis

Here are descriptions of anime cels I've purchased. I'm making this list because it may be awhile before I'm able to post them on my page. The cels that are in my Cel Gallery say "POSTED".

101. ?March 2001 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko episode 96

102. ?April-May 2001 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai and Kyoko episode 30.

103. June 2001 - INUYASHA (POSTED): Shippo and Kagome background cel. Episode 24.

104-113. July-August, 2001 - MAISON IKKOKU

114. August 10, 2001 - INUYASHA (POSTED): Inuyasha and Kagome background cel. CoWBoYBeBoP tells me this cel comes from episode 19. "the episode right after Sesshumaru takes the tetsusaiga away from inuyasha and the scene is after Sesshumaru trys to attack Kagome. this cell shows up exactly 3 mins and 8 secs in to the show! "

etc. etc.

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