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Terence's Cel Index-Synopsis

Here are descriptions of anime cels I've purchased. I'm making this list because it may be awhile before I'm able to post them on my page. The cels that are in my Cel Gallery say "POSTED".

1. April 11, 1997 - TENCHI MUYO (POSTED): Ryoko has her hands on Tenchi's shoulders. Tenchi is wearing his black uniform and they are both staring at something. Thanks to TK and JC Amberlyn for telling me this cel comes from Tenchi Universe episode 4.

2. Sept. 15, 1997 - ARMITAGE: Closeup of Armitage with an unconscious D'anclaude hanging over her right shoulder.

3. Sept. 15, 1997 - ICZELION: Nagisa in school uniform. Nagisa is holding her hands together and has a worried/scared expression on her face.

4. Sept. 17, 1997 - DNA^2 (POSTED): An upset Ami. From very end of episode 12. Karin has just said she is going to stay and Ami is angry that Junta is so ecstatic.

5. Jan. 6, 1998 - RANMA 1/2 (POSTED): Tsubasa holding Female-Ranma. Ranma-chan is completely dazed after Tsubasa threw him in the fountain. A very twisted Ranma episode.

6. Jan. 6, 1998 - RANMA 1/2 : Ranma-chan and Soun. From the very first episode when Soun was happily introducing him to his three daughters. Soun has his hand on Ranma's shoulder. Ranma looks a little confused.

7. Feb. 20, 1998 - YOU'RE UNDER ARREST: Miyuki Cel. Miyuki in her police uniform sitting with her hands on a nonexistent steering wheel. None of the car is included in the cel. Only Miyuki can be seen.

8. Feb. 20, 1998 - YOU'RE UNDER ARREST: An embarrassed Nakajima wearing his sunglasses (as usual). This cel came with cel #7 as a set.

9. Feb. 24, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI : Moemi in jacket. From when Moemi was telling Takashi that Youta doesn't talk to her much anymore.

10. Mar. 6, 1998 - FUSHIGI YUUGI (POSTED): Shadow Miaka from episode 6. This is from when the Mirror Miaka first showed herself to Tamahome and company. The mirror is hanging over her right shoulder. Hey...did anyone notice that her mirror switched shoulders twice? A continuity error.

11. Mar. 17, 1998 - SAILOR MOON (POSTED): Usagi and Minako ducking down. This comes from episode 92 when they were spying on Haruka. Comes with a non-matching washed-out yellow-brown background. Thanks to Ash and Kari for identifying the episode of this cel.

12. Mar. 27, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI (POSTED): Pinkish-shade Moemi. From episode 6. The video-world Moemi looking down. She was looking down at Youta.

13. Mar. 27, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI: Youta and Ai ducking down. Ai and Youta are ducking down trying to hide from Moemi and Niimai. Youta is pushing Ai's head down.

14. Apr. 23, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI (POSTED): Ai on Youta's back. This comes from when Youta was carrying Ai on his back after she collapsed. Ai woke up and started choking him. This cel shows Ai choking Youta.

15. May 1, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI: Dream-Moemi from beginning of episode 2. This comes from Youta's Moemi dream that later turns into a nightmare. Moemi still looks normal at this point and she's wearing her school uniform.

16. May 13, 1998 - EL HAZARD OVA2: The Second Ifurita about to fire her staff. I was hoping this cel was from the First OVA but it wasn't.

17. June 4, 1998 - RANMA 1/2 : Shampoo and Ukyo cel. Shampoo and Ukyo are carrying boxes. It looks like they were delivering or about to deliver food. They are staring at someone on the ground. Ukyo looks startled.

18. June 9, 1998 - TENCHI MUYO MOVIE 2: Sad Mayuka. Closeup of a teary-eyed Mayuka. She's wearing a pinkish-purple top.

19. June 13, 1998 - FUSHIGI YUUGI: Miyaka hugging Nuriko. This cel comes from episode 51 when Nuriko and Miaka were reunited. Thanks to Ryouko, Melissa and Himiko for telling me where this cel was used! (SOLD)

20. June 16, 1998 - JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE (POSTED): Jotaro cel. This comes from the end of the sixth episode. Jotaro is in the center of the cel and is surrounded by 5 flying fists from his stand. This was when Jotaro was trying to punch away the oil tanker truck.

21. June 27, 1998 - MACROSS TV (POSTED): From episode 24. Misa holding a yellow microphone. She's telling Hikaru she has to leave the SDF-1 and stay on earth.

22. July 2, 1998 - FUSHIGI YUUGI (POSTED): Miyaka and Tamahome cel. From episode 22. Miyaka and Tamahome are very close to each other. Tamahome is holding Miyaka up close. Miyaka is looking at Tamahome with her hands on his chest. Unfortunately Tamahome's eyes are closed. I've seen a lot of cels from this sequence around. Thanks to Aion for letting me know where this cel comes from.

23. July 3, 1998 - BIRDY THE MIGHTY (POSTED): Hayamiya cel. When I bought this cel, cels of Birdy were not very hard to locate but finding cels of Hayamiya were somewhat difficult. Hayamiya was Tsutomu's female classmate. This cel is from when Hayamiya first talked to Tsutomu near the classroom door in the first episode.

24. July 3, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI (POSTED): Moemi clutching Niimai's gift. This cel shows a closeup of Moemi while she was being grilled by the street cop. The cop caught Moemi and Youta cutting class and was asking them what school they attended. On the bottom right you can see Youta's hand reaching over. Youta's about to grab Moemi's hand and they're about to take off running. This cel comes with the background. Background doesn't show much except the tile on the ground.

25. July 3, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI (POSTED): Ai holding cooking laddle. Ai is holding a cooking laddle a short distance from her mouth. This was when Ai was cooking a surprise dinner for Youta and was sampling her food to see how it tasted.

26. July 4, 1998 - JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE (POSTED): Dio closeup. This cel shows a closeup of Dio's face. Dio is looking rather evil.

27. July 31, 1998 - ?EL HAZARD OVA2: The Ugliest Ifurita Cel I have ever seen. No..NO..ARGHH!!!..PUT IT AWAY!!!!!^_^

28. August 15, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI: Ai moving with Youta's lunch. This comes from the very end of episode 6. Ai is rushing over to give Youta his lunch for school. She's in the bottom right corner and she's holding out the lunch.

29. September 18, 1998 - VIOLINIST OF HAMELYN (POSTED): Queen Horn Cel. This shows Queen Horn in her blue-green and white royal garb. She has a rather determined look on her face.

30. September 29, 1998 - MAISON IKKOKU : Yotsuya and Kyoko sushi cel. From episode 52. Cel shows Yotsuya looking at the wrapped sushi rolls that Kyoko is holding. Yotsuya would like to eat some but Kyoko's trying to hold it away from him.

31. September 24, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI (POSTED): Youta and Ai cel. This cel comes from when Ai was telling Youta she didn't want to go to the movie.

32. September 29, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI: Moemi and Ai cel. This was when they were standing by the stairs when Ai was trying to steer Moemi away so she could clean up the kitchen. No background so you only see the two of them.

33. October 8, 1998 - TOUCH: Minami and Tatsuya cel.

34. October 23, 1998 - MACROSS TV : Minmei cel.

35. November 3, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI (POSTED): Ai holding up Youta's lunch. From the very end of the last episode. I wonder what she was saying. Could have been something like "Stupid Youta forgot his lunch.^_^"

36. November 3, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI (POSTED): Ai holding puppy. This comes from the opening of the show.

37. October 28, 1998 - DNA^2 : Ami closeup. From episode 9. Reaction shot of Ami after she came up the stairs in time to see Tomoko hugging Junta on the school roof.

38. November 14, 1998 - VIDEO GIRL AI: Standing Moemi cel. From the scene when Youta tells Moemi he likes her but Moemi thinks he was just play-acting. Kind of faraway shot and the cel is not in the best shape. It didn't cost much however.

39. November 24, 1998 - 3X3 EYES II OAV : Pai cel. Pai shown after being knocked onto the ground in episode 2.

40. December 6, 1998 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko and Yotsuya background cel. From episode 52. Cel shows Kyoko and Yotsuya facing each other. Background shows the front yard of Ikkoku. Yotsuya is leaving and is wearing his suit and hat. Kyoko is startled to see Yotsuya standing next to her.

41. December 26, 1998 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko closeup. From episode 89. Godai explains what he was doing with Kozue. He says he must have been an idiot for getting into the situation. The cel shows Kyoko while she telling Godai to close his eyes (the first time).

42. February 5, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko and Godai umbrella cel. From episode 14. Kyoko and Godai mistakenly go to two different restaurants with similar names. After a few hours, they find each other but by then it's late and the restaurant is closed. They walk home in the rain. The cel shows Kyoko and Godai under a pink umbrella. Godai is happy because he thinks he'll finally get to spend some time alone with Kyoko. His joy will be cut short. In a couple of seconds, he'll discover Yotsuya, Ichinose and Akemi are walking right behind him.

43. April 22, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Mitaka and Kyoko cel. From episode 84. Mitaka is on the left side of the cel facing forward. He's dressed in a suit and green tie. Kyoko is behind him on the right side of the cel. She's dressed in turquoise and purple and has a slight smile on her face. This is from the hotel/restaurant lobby scene. Kyoko tells Mitaka she needs to make a phone call to Ikkoku. She's trying to find a good reason to get out of her date with Mitaka.

44. April 29, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai falling cel. From episode 11. Souichiro-san is perched on top of Godai's back. Godai is falling toward Kyoko. Kyoko's holding Godai's memo book and her face is in shock. Kentaro is running to get away from the crash scene.

45. July 16, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai, Kyoko and Yagami cel. From episode 66. This was during the "food war" scene. Kyoko is in the center of the cel and has an irritated look on her face. She is staring at Yagami. Yagami is on the right side of the cel and looking toward Godai who is on the left side of the cel. Yagami is clearly angry and holding out a cup and cupcake toward Godai. Godai looks uncomfortable.

46. July 17, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko closeup cel. From episode 15. Closeup of Kyoko when she was having a conversation with Sakamoto at the college fair. She's wearing a yellow scarf.

47. August 27, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko opening cel. From the Gilbert O'Sullivan opening of episode 24. Profile of Kyoko in a purple coat/sweater. She's holding her hand out and looking slightly up. (She was looking at the falling snow.) This Kyoko cel came with a second layer showing one white dot of snow. ^_^ (Blue paper added so the snowflake would show)

48. August 27, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Pensive Kyoko cel. Cel shows Kyoko shoulders up and dressed in pink and white. She looks a little sad. Haven't identified the episode this cel is from yet. One of these days I'll have to narrow it down but I was hoping I'd see it without going out of my way to find it. No such luck.

49. September 7, 1999 - VIDEO GIRL AI (POSTED): From episode 2. Funny cel of Ai running with dinner plates.

50. September 7, 1999 - VIDEO GIRL AI (POSTED): From episode 5. Moemi and Youta. Moemi is sitting down and facing to the left. She is holding a thin leaf between the fingertips of her right hand. Youta is standing behind her with his hands in his jacket pockets.

51. September 11, 1999 - SAINT TAIL : Andy tells me that this cel is from the scene where Meimi and Asuka Jr. go to Maju's house for a fortune telling session towards the end of the series. It's from episode 41 or maybe from 42, He said that the background is not matching. Thanks Andy!

52. October 8, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai running away cel. Episode 30. Godai mistakes what Kyoko says about involvement in a wedding as plans for her to marry Mitaka. After bidding goodbye to her in his mind, he rushes off to get away from her.

53. October 8, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko and Ichinose cel. Episode 93. Kyoko and Ichinose are in the front yard of Ikkoku discussing Godai's job interview at the Wakaba Day Care.

54. October 8, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai, Akemi and Kyoko cel. Episode 2. Godai is broke but when he finds out Kyoko is going to a Christmas party at the Cha Cha Maru he decides to go. He's handing his remaining 3000 yen to Akemi so he can go.

55. October 8, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko with broom at night cel. Episode 64. What is Kyoko doing sweeping outside at night? Well she's keeping an eye out for Yagami who is about to arrive for her second-to-last tutoring lesson. Godai is in his room brushing up on his math.

56. October 8, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai and Kozue cel. Episode 26. Kozue has come to Ikkoku to see Godai's room and to fix him dinner. In the cel, Godai and Kozue are passing through the front yard of Ikkoku on their way to the front door. Kozue is carrying a bag of groceries.

57. October 8. 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko and Godai cel. Episode 28. Godai is getting his ankle bandaged after tripping on a volleyball at the school fair. Kyoko and Godai were about to take part in the three-legged race. The girl who lost the volleyball is on the left side of the cel.

58. October 13, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Ichinose cel. Episode 60. Ichinose is standing downstairs in Ikkoku watching Godai run down the stairs to go follow Kyoko.

59. November 4, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU: Smiling Godai cel. Episode 88. Closeup of Godai smiling. This was when Godai was talking to Kozue in the cafe. Kozue wanted to talk to Godai about the marriage proposal she received from an old friend.

60. November 6, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kasumi and Godai cel. Episode 82. Kasumi is telling Godai she has to go on a trip. Godai is angry that Kasumi won't pick up her kids at Ikkoku.

61. November 6, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Yagami, Godai and Kyoko cel. Episode 66.

62. November 6, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko and Mitaka tennis cel. Episode 87. Mitaka is not happy having found out about Salad-chan. Kyoko is about to wish him well.

63. November 15, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU: Couple in Godai's apartment cel. Episode 30.

64. November 15, 1999 - MAZE: Rapier Cel. (SOLD)

65. December 9, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU: Kyoko and mother cel. Episode 94.

66. December 22, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko and Harumi (the fellow tourist) background cel. Kyoko is sitting on the left and Harumi is standing on the right. Episode 61.

67. December 22, 1999 - MAISON IKKOKU : Drunk Souichiro-san and Kentaro cel. From the OVA. Don't know exactly why I bought this, but it does look kind of weird. Appears as though Souichiro-san is holding a beer in his left paw with his right paw on Kentaro's shoulder.

68. December 19, 1999 - GHOST SWEEPER: Green cast cel of ???.

69. January 11, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai and Kozue's family cel. Episode 24. Godai is not happy he got tricked into going to Kozue's house on a surprise visit. She wanted him to meet her parents.

70. January 11, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko, Akemi, Yotsuya and Ichinose cel. Episode 20. Everyone is very bored. There's just no party atmosphere without the missing ingredient...Godai.

71. January 11, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko and Souichiro-san in doorway of ChaCha Maru. Episode 92.

72. January 18, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Depressed Godai closeup cel. Godai is trying to figure out how to break up with Kozue. He's not too happy about it. The background behind him is looking out the window of the college cafeteria. Episode 42.

73. January 18, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai and Ambulance cel. Godai is trying to get to his job interview but the medics are forcing him into the ambulance. ^_^ Episode 72.

74. February 5, 2000 - VIDEO GIRL AI (POSTED): White glow Ai closeup. Episode 6. Closeup of Ai as she was saying goodbye to Youta. Tears are going down her face.

75. February 5, 2000 - MACROSS FLASHBACK 2012 (POSTED): Minmei cel. Shows the younger Minmei front-view, chest up holding the microphone as she was singing. Background is a laser copy.

76. February 12, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU: Intoxicated Kyoko cel. Episode 47. Kyoko decides to stay in a futile attempt to stop Akemi, Ichinose and Yotsuya from causing trouble at the pub Godai is working at. Cel shows a closeup of Kyoko leaning on her left hand. She's worn out.

77. February 29, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Closeup Mitaka cel. Episode 84. Closeup of Mitaka when he was at the harbor restaurant with Kyoko.

78. March 21, 2000 - 3X3 EYES OAV2 (POSTED): Diagonal Pai Cel. Pai is standing in the cel but the view of her is tilted diagonally. An evil face fills the reddish background.

79. March 21, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai and Yagami cel. Episode 53 Godai is in a tie looking toward Yagami in front of him. Yagami is in her school uniform and has her head turned to the right. This comes from right after Yagami stuck the "heart" sticker on his back.

80. March 29, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai at Pub Cel. Episode 47. This was the episode Godai worked at a pub. Godai is in his pub clothes and his boss is standing in back of him behind the counter.

81. April 2, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU : Asuna closeup cel. Episode 81. It comes from when Asuna came over to see Mitaka at the tennis courts to see what he does on his job.

82. April 2, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): TV Cel. Episode 62. This cel shows only a TV set and the singer on TV. Kyoko was watching this TV in her hotel room during her vacation trip.

83. April 25, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU : Mitaka in white suit from the Maison Ikkoku Movie cel.

84. April 30, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Godai and Yagami's Father cel. Episode 71. After the summer festival, Godai took Yagami home. This cel shows Yagami's father smiling and holding Godai's hands.

85. May 31, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko shopping background cel. Episode 65. Kyoko's looking at the guy behind the counter of a food place. Thanks to Clinton for telling me about this cel. Thanks to Longinas, saberneko and Sanjiyan5 for telling me that the white letters on the red sign say "Special Sale Day" and that the black letters say "Beef and Pork".

86. and 87. June 22, 2000 - I'm not sure what show these cels are from. I think one of them comes from Detective Conan. The Detective Conan cel doesn't feature any of the main characters, but shows a nightime dinner reception/party. The pinkish/purple cherry blossoms on the trees in the background really stand out. The other background cel I have no idea where it comes from, but the sunset reddish sky is looks nice.

88. June 26, 2000 - RANMA 1/2: Kodachi and Ranma/Akane's legs background cel.

89. July 1, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU : Godai in cabaret outfit, Ichinose holding a fan and Akemi cel. Episode 80.

90. July 2, 2000 - KITE (POSTED): Sawa holding two guns outward background cel. Background is almost completely black. There is steam rising to her left.

91. July 6, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU : Episode 80. Kyoko sitting on the floor of her room and looking down. She's looking at the staff tests folder that the nursery school person dropped off for Godai to preview.

92. July 6, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU: Episode 68. Kyoko hitting the baseball during the baseball game.

93. July 11, 2000 - COMBUSTIBLE CAMPUS GUARDRESS (POSTED): Episode 1. Closeup of Hazumi. From the very beginning of episode 1. This was when she first showed up on the steeple and scared the bad guys as well as bystanders with her reputation for destruction. I have only seen 9 cels from this anime in 4 years of cel collecting. Thanks to C for finding this one for me.

94. August 3, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Episode 84. Godai and Kyoko when they were sitting on the front step of Ikkoku. A great exchange went on between them in that scene. No spoilers here. I always wanted a cel from that scene.

95. August 10, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU : Opening Cel from episode 24. Image of Kyoko in dark purple with a long dark pink scarf. Her clothes are similar to the other opening cel I have. This cel came a couple seconds after. It shows Kyoko full length and front view. Not a bad cel even with the detail being mediocre.

96. October 14, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Kyoko knitting cel. Episode 27. Shows Kyoko sitting on the floor in her room knitting. This was shortly before she is ready to get up, walk over to her sliding glass door and stare out at the rain wondering where Souichiro-san is at. This is from one of my favorite episodes. Thanks to Yolanda for this cel.

97. December 20, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Episode 8. Ichinose, Godai and Souichiro-san cel. This cel shows Godai sitting down and crying after the misunderstanding at the end of episode 8. Souichiro-san is sitting down to his left and is howling with him. Ichinose is standing behind Godai and looking at him with curious look on her face. This cel was just too funny to pass up..

98. December 26, 2000 - MAISON IKKOKU (POSTED): Episode 39. Godai and Kyoko walking home cel. It shows Godai and Kyoko walking back to Ikkoku after coming from the public baths. This was when Godai was talking to Kyoko about his attempt to find out about the mysterious rock she gave him.

99. January 11, 2001 - MAHOU TSUKAI TAI (POSTED): Akane cel.

100. February 6, 2001 - RUROUNI KENSHIN (POSTED): Misao cel.

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