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Terence's Cel Gallery

Welcome Minna-san!

Welcome to my Anime Cel Gallery!

These images are part of my anime cel collection. I've collected anime cels for about two years. but it was only until last year that I began to collect seriously. I have over 40 cels but only 10 cel scans. I wish I could put my other cels here but I don't have a computer or scanner.

I used Homepage Builder to write this webpage since my knowledge of HTML is limited. Someday I will learn HTML but I never seem to have the time.

Because of program limitatons I can only fit 2 cels and captions per page.

This Page Was Last Updated - February 10, 1999

Cels Last Added - February 4, 1999

Click the links below to view my cels:

Ranma and Fushigi Yuugi Cels:
Video Girl Ai and 3 X 3 Eyes Cels:
Maison Ikkoku Cels:
More Maison Ikkoku Cels:
DNA2 Cels:

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