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Here are links to webpages that have Maison Ikkoku or Video Girl Ai cels when last checked.

I wanted to put together all of the cel galleries and webpages that have any Maison Ikkoku or Video Girl Ai cels. There are not many compared to the number of webpages of more popular anime like Tenchi Muyo, Fushigi Yuugi, Slayers, Dragonball, etc. It's just as well since there are not many decent cels from Maison Ikkoku or Video Girl Ai out there. These shows are 14 and 10 years old respectively. I could find only 8 cel galleries with any Maison Ikkoku cels and 6 with any Video Girl Ai cels in February 1999.

The only Maison Ikkoku cels I ever saw in 1998 were lousy cels that never had backgrounds. They were not worth getting. But then in July-October 1999 came the sudden appearance of a large number of Maison Ikkoku cels with backgrounds. That's when I became more interested in buying them. The Maison Ikkoku cels being sold today (Oct. 2002) are still much better than the ones that were for sale 4 years ago.

It's not easy collecting Video Girl Ai cels today. Video Girl Ai was a short series (6 episodes) and as time passes it becomes increasingly more difficult to find decent cels from it. There were a relatively large number that showed up in 1998...became fewer in 1999. By 2000 they had became rather expensive. It's interesting to note that out of the 669 Cels.Org/Rubberslug galleries (Oct. 2002) there were only 17 that had any Video Girl Ai cels. Not very many.

I'm not actively collecting Maison Ikkoku or Video Girl Ai cels anymore, but I will continue to collect cels from other ren'ai anime because "ren'ai" is my favorite anime genre. ^_^

The number of English anime cel galleries has grown to over 650 (Oct. 2002) so I can no longer pay attention to all the cel galleries so if I've missed yours let me know and I'll be happy to list it here. I'm always happy to see different cels from these shows. Hard to believe there were only about 45 listed online cel galleries back when I started collecting (1997). It was easy to follow everyones collecting habits back then.

Galleries are given * to **** based on the number of MI or VGA cels in them (as of October 17, 2002).

Cel Galleries or Webpages With Maison Ikkoku Cel(s):

Animanga Cel Gallery (Yann's Gallery) ***
Anime Cel Collection of Gweilo *
Animezu **
Anything Goes Cel Gallery *
Atiya's Cel Gallery (with Extra Marmosets) **
Carlos' Anime Cel Gallery *
Clinton's Cel Page *
Edmonton Shotokan Karate School ***
Enaka's Cel Page *
Eric's Page of Japanese Animation Cels *
Iserlohn Fortress *
Jerry' s Anime Cels & Sketches Homepage ***
Kimberly's Little Cel Gallery ***
Larry L's Cels & Other Art (Hitokiri Art) *
love*love anime cel gallery *
Lum's house ****
Maison Ikkoku Central *
Marisa's Cel Gallery **
marzCelection *** (Dead Link 1/03)
Muu's cel page *
My Anime Cel Collection *
My (JBar387's) Original Anime Production Cels Collection Website *
Nabs-chan's Super Cute Cel Sanctuary *
Oceanian cEl on Rubberslug server *
Orange Road **
Shmecky's Cel Gallery ***1/2
Taku's Page *
Tatsuo's Page *
Trebuchet's Cel Gallery **
Usagi's House Cel Gallery *
The World of Vicki Fox *
Yannbor's cel gallery *
Zeiram Style Council *
アニメセル画案内のHP ***
セル画はいい趣味です **

Cel Galleries or Webpages With Video Girl Ai Cel(s):

Aimee's Original Production Cel Gallery ***
Angel's Tear Anime Cels *
Aurora's Cel Gallery *
Fireye's Cel Gallery *
Jennifer's Anime Cels *
Jen's Cel Gallery **
Jerry's Anime Cels & Sketches Homepage **
Marisa's Cel Gallery *
Mr. Chris' Neighborhood ***
Nichibei Anime Club's Anibabe Gallery *
Orange Road *****
Professor Atomo's Anime Cel Gallery **
Rings of Saturn *
ShadowLight ***
Ta-kun's Cel Site ****
Tatsuo's Page *
Zeiram Style Council *

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