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English Anime Cel Gallery List

A's Dragonball z Cel Collection (10)(ACW)(10/09/00)
AAA Anime (10)(NL)(10/06/00)
Aerith's Anime Cel Collection (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/06/00)
Aethel's Cel Collection (8)(NL)(09/12/00)
Aimee's Production Cel Collection (10)(ACW)(10/06/00)
Aion's Cel Gallery (7)(IG)(ACW)(10/06/00)
Ajikkosan cels gallery (8)(CO)(11/04/00)
Aka Tombo F Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/06/00)
?Alan's Cel Gallery (10)(NL)(09/12/00)
Alex's Anime Cel Tower (9)(ACW)(CO)(12/29/00)
Allen's Japanese Anime Cel Gallery (8)(NL)(09/12/00)
All Things Anime (8)(IG)(ACW)(10/06/00)
Amon's Devilman homepage (11)(CO)(11/04/00)
An Artificial Home for Artificial People (11)(CO)(11/15/00)
Andy's Mysterious Thief St. Tail Cels (5)(ACW)(10/03/00)
Angel Tears Anime Cels (10)(NL)(10/08/00)
Animanga Cel Gallery (Yann's gallery)(4)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(12/29/00)
Animated Dreams *Emika's Cel Gallery* (6)(ACW)(10/03/00)
Anime Ai (9)(CO)(11/04/00)
Anime Assault's Cel Gallery (4) - gone Dec. 29, 2000
Anime Assault's "Your Cels" (multiple)(4)(IG)(CO)(12/29/00)
Anime @ (9)(IG)(ACW)(10/06/00)
Anime Boom Boom (5)(IG)(CO)(11/04/00) Bill and Kevin's Stuff (6)(IG)(CO)(12/29/00)
Anime Cel Igcognito (8)(NL)(11/15/00)
Anime Cel Museum of Valparaiso University (10)(ACW)(10/06/00)
Anime Cels.Net (11)(CO)(11/15/00)
Anime Complex Cels Gallery (8)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(11/14/00)
Anime Gambit Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/03/00)
Anime Insanity (11)(CO)(11/01/00)
Anime-J Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/03/00)
Anime Schmanime~Harry's Cel Page - please see "Red or Dead...A Gallery for the Villains"
Anime Shrine Basement Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(CO)(12/29/00)
Anime Steve (9)(IG)(12/29/00)
Anime-ted Concepts/Thalia's Ultimate Slayers Garden - please see "Thalia's Ultimate Slayers Garden"
Anime Zone (5)(ACW)(10/03/00)
Antony's Anime Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(CO)(12/29/00)
Apatia (10)(ACW)(10/21/00)
APG Sales (11)(CO)(11/05/00)
Arlaysa (6)(ACW)(10/17/00)
Arrex's Anime Tower - please see "Alex's Anime Cel Tower"
Ashura's Cels (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/03/00)
Ashura's Domain: The Cel Page (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/03/00)
Ataru's Anime Page (8)(IG)(CO)
Atiya's Cel Gallery (with Extra Marmosets!) (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/06/00)
?Auraraptor's Cel Gallery (11)(NL)(10/31/00)
Aurora's Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(CO)(12/29/00)
Becki's Cel Gallery (9)
Bella Luna (10)(ACW)(10/08/00)
Bishonen Eyes (4)
Brad's Cels (8)(from Miki's Anime Gallery)(09/14/00)
Brian's Animation Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/08/00)
Brian's Cel Gallery - please see "Cels I've Got So Far"
Butterfly Blue (6)
Carlos' Anime Cel Gallery (9)(NL)(09/14/00)
Carol's Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/08/00)
Cel Addicts Anonymous (6)
Cel Hoteru (5)
Cels I've Got So Far (11)(ACW)(CO)(11/15/00)
Chad's Cels (4) (10)(NL)(09/14/00)
Chibielios' Cel Gallery - please see "Chibiusa's Loft"
ChibiLargo's Cel Gallery (10)(ACW)(10/09/00)
Chibi Signal's Cel Gallery (11)(ACW)(10/24/00)
Chibiusa's Loft (6)
Christy's Cels (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/08/00)
Chuang Tzu's Anime Gallery (8)(ACW)(10/09/00)
Chu Chu's Domain (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/08/00)
Clinton's Cel Page (9)(NL)(09/14/00)
Cody's DBZ Cels (9)(IG)(ACW)(10/09/00)
The Collection: Works by the Wandering Mage Chichiri (10)(NL)(09/14/00)
?Crackdog's Cel Gallery (10)(NL)(09/14/00)
Cramjarna's Cel Collection (8)
CrzyDemona's Cels (9)(ACW)(10/08/00)
Daemoness' Anime Haven (5)(ACW)
Damen's Cel Gallery (10)(from Valerie's Cel Gallery)(09/10/00)
Danny's Cel Page (6)
Darla's Cels (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/10/00)
Dark Amber's Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/10/00)
Darkness Beyond Twilight (7)(ACW)(10/10/00)
David's Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/10/00)
DBZ Sneeze (10)(NL)(09/28/00)
Debbye's Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/10/00)
Demon City (7)
Demon's Moon (10)(NL)(09/15/00)
Diana's Ranma Cel Gallery (10)(ACW)(10/10/00)
Drac's Blackhouse (8)(NL)(09/15/00)
DragonAmelia's Anime Cel gallery (10)(NL)(09/15/00)
Dream Creation (10)(ACW)(10/10/00)
EDB's Dragonball Cel Gallery (9)(ACW)
Eden's Cel Gallery (8)(IG)(ACW)(10/10/00)
Edge of anime's Cel Gallery (7)
Edmonton Shotokan Karate School (6)
Ed's Little Cel Gallery (5)
Emika's Cel Gallery - please see "Animated Dreams..."
Enaka's Cel Page (5)(ACW)(10/10/00)
Eric's Page of Japanese Animation Cels (8)(ACW)(10/10/00)
EVA DBcelBoy's Anime Cel Gallery - please see " The Vashness of Space..."
Eveshka's Anime Cels (11)(NL)(11/04/00)
EviLore's Anime Cel Gallery (10)(NL)(09/21/00)
Evil P-chan's Cel Gallery (7)(ACW)(10/10/00)
Favorite Anime Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/11/00)
Faye Valentine's Lounge (7)(ACW)
Final Flash (10)(ACW)(10/11/00)
Foxtrot's Anime Cels (7)(ACW)(10/11/00)
Freddy's Anime Art Gallery (4)
Fushigi Yuugi Cels (8)(NL)(09/20/00)
Gallery Vi (6)
Goemon's Gallery (7)(ACW)(10/11/00)
Gogeta00's Dimension (8)
Gray Area Anime (8)(NL)(09/20/00)
Gundam Model and Cel Hangar (6)(ACW)(10/11/00)
Gus's Cels & Original Art Gallery (8)(NL)(09/20/00)
Hachi-Ryu (7)(NL)(09/20/00)
Hand Staple Forehead Productions (9)(NL)(09/20/00)
Harmony's Slayers Sanctuary (10)(ACW)(10/11/00)
Heli's Cels (11)(from Jocelyn's Little Gallery)(10/17/00)
Hephastus Station (10)(NL)(09/20/00)
Hijo's Cels (9)(NL)(09/20/00)
Hitokiri Art (6)
Hitoshi Doi's Cel Gallery (4)
Hotsuma's Cel Mansion (8)
Hugh's Cel Gallery (5)
Hugo's anime cel's (10)(NL)(09/20/00)
Hyper Police Anime Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/11/00)
Ice Wind's Tiny Anime Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/12/00)
imagovero Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/12/00)
Isato's Cel Collection (8)
Iserlohn Fortress (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/12/00)
Islumination's (ISL's) Anime Cel Collection (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/12/00)
Ivylick's Anime Cel Gallery (7)(ACW)
Jaana's Cel Gallery (5)(ACW)
?Jac's Cel Gallery (10)(NL)(09/24/00)
Jade (4)(ACW)(CO)(11/15/00)
James Anime Cel Gallery - please see "Mako's anime and more"
Jammin' Jamelle's Cel Gallery (8)
Japanese Animation Cel Mailing List Homepage (8)
Jay's Collectibles (9)(ACW)
Jenny's Cel Page (9)(IG)(ACW)(10/17/00)
Jenorama (6)
Jen's Cel Gallery (7)
Jerry's Anime Cels & Sketches Homepage (4)
Jim's Cel Gallery (8)(IG)(CO)(11/05/00)
jINx's Anime Stash (8)(IG)(ACW)(10/12/00)
JK's Anime Cels (7)(ACW)(10/17/00)
Jmlonghorn's cel gallery - please see "Anime Boom Boom"
Jocelyn's Little Gallery - please see "Production Animation Artwork"
Johann's cel gallery (11)(ACW)(11/01/00)
?John D's Cel Gallery (9)(NL)(09/24/00)
Jojo Stix' Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/12/00)
Josh's (Paulson's) Anime Cel Gallery (5)
Josh's Cel Gallery (6)
Julie's Cel Gallery (10)(NL)(09/24/00)
Kabukimoon's Cel Gallery (8)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Kaerra's Sanctuary (11)(ACW)(10/24/00)
Kamidake Cel Gallery (7)(IG)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Kane's Addiction (9)(NL)(09/24/00)
Kari's Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Kar-Ohki's Little Cel Gallery (8)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Kash Kaiza's Shrine (5)(IG)(CO)(11/15/00)
Katana's Edge (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Kathy's Cel Gallery - The Many Moods of Ryoko (6)
Ke-chan's Anime Cels (9)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Kelly's Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Kelly's Usagi Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Ken A's Anime Cel Page - please see "Tenchi Muyo! - Animation Cel Gallery"
Kenshin no Miko's Cel Gallery (7)(NL)(09/24/00)
Kero's Korner (9)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Kestrel Anime Nest (4)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Keys' Little Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Kim's Cel Mania (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Kirin's Anime Cel Gallery (6)
Kristi's Cels (10)(NL)(09/24/00)
Kyle's Cels (11)(ACW)(10/21/00)
Lady Trowa's Dragonball Cel Gallery (10)(ACW)(10/22/00)
Lady Zatara's Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(10/08/00)
Lamont's Cel Gallery (7)(ACW)(10/22/00)
Larry L's Cels & Other Art - please see "Hitokiri Art"
Larry's Homepage (4)(ACW)(10/22/00)
Leland's Cel Gallery (4)
Lil' Joey's Cel Hideout (6)
Lil'l Otaku Shinobu's Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/22/00)
Love Under Moonlight (8)(IG)(ACW)(10/22/00)
Luna Illuminata Cel Gallery (11)(ACW)(10/22/00)
The Luna Regina's Cel Gallery (6)(ACW)(10/22/00)
Macross DYRL Movie Anime Cel Page - please see "Nerdboy's Anime Cel Page"
Macross 7 Cel Gallery (9)(IG)(ACW)
Mad Mackerel's Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/29/00)
The Magnificent World (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/29/00)
mAJOR eRROR Correction Lab (9)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Mak's Anime Cel Gallery (4)
Mako's anime and more (5)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Mala's Animation Cel Collection (9)(ACW)(10/29/00) Cel Gallery (6)(ACW)(10/22/00)
Mara's Anime Cel Gallery (10)(NL)(09/26/00)
Marauder's Dragonball Z Cel Page (9)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Marcia's Cel Collection (6)
Marisa's Anime Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Megan's (mostly) Anime Cel Gallery (5)(ACW)(10/29/00)
?Megan's (Escaflowne) Cel Gallery (10)(NL)(09/26/00)
Mel's Cel Page (4)(IG)(ACW)(09/05/00)
Melissa's Anime Cels Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(10/22/00)
Men Without Tails (8)(IG)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Metheus's Anime Cels (5)(ACW)(10/22/00)
Mia's Cel Gallery (7)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Michiru and Haruka's Shrine (10)(NL)(10/02/00)
Miki's Anime Gallery (5)(IG)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Mirai Cels (9)
Mistress of Hotohori's Anime Collection (8)(IG)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Mookyblasts Domain of Terror (9)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Moonshine Cels (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Moro Clan Anime (Anime, Music and More)(7)(IG)(ACW)(10/31/00)
Mr. Chris' Neighborhood (7)(IG)(08/29/00)
MrPez's Sailor Moon Cel Gallery (11)(CO)(11/05/00)
Muu's Cel Page (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/29/00)
My Anime Cel Collection (8)(IG)(08/29/00)
My Anime Cels Page (Yug Maet)(8)(ACW)(09/11/00)
My (JBar387's) Original Anime Production Cels Collection Website (8)(ACW)(10/29/00)
Nabs-chan's Cel Gallery (7)(ACW)(11/03/00)
Napi's Cels (5)(IG)(08/29/00)
Nariaweb (11)(ACW)(11/03/00)
Nbi Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(08/29/00)
Nerdboy's Anime Cel Page (11)(CO)(11/15/00)
:Nesuferit's Cel Page (8)(ACW)(11/03/00)
Nethersphere Cels Gallery (10)(ACW)(10/31/00)
Nichibei Anime Club's Anibabe Gallery (5)(IG)(08/29/00)
NK-1124's Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(08/29/00)
NoDoubters Anime Cel Gallery - please see "Moro Clan Anime"
OG Hall of Wonders: Cel Collection (9)(ACW)(CO)(11/04/00)
Ohla's Jojo Cels (5)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(11/04/00)
Olivier' Cels Gallery (8)(NL)(09/28/00)
The OMG Corner (8)(IG)(ACW)(08/29/00)
Orange Road (4)(IG)(08/29/00)
The Orinji Temple (11)(CO)(11/08/00)
Otaku Art's Proud Collection of Anime Production Cels (10)(NL)(09/28/00)
Parrallax's Personal Cel Gallery (11)(NL)(10/21/00)
The Parrots' Tales (10)(ACW)(CO)(11/09/00)
Patrick Lichty's Cel (9)(ACW)(CO)(11/09/00)
Phade's Cels (9)(NL)(09/28/00)
Picture Perfect (8)(IG)(08/30/00)
Playing Favorites - My Cel Gallery (10)(ACW)(CO)(11/09/00)
Pranceatron's Lil' Cel Gallery (8)(ACW)(CO)(11/09/00)
Primera's Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(11/09/00)
Production Animation Artwork (6)(IG)(ACW)(10/17/00)
Project AK (8)(IG)(08/30/00)
Psychofreak's Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(11/09/00)
QSerenity's Anime Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(11/09/00)
Rabi's Cel Room (10)(NL)(09/28/00)
Rachie's Cels (11)(ACW)(CO)(11/15/00)
Raddittzu's Anime Playground (10)(ACW)(CO)(09/28/00)
Raidr's Haven (9)(ACW)(CO)(11/14/00)
Rain's Cels (7)(IG)(08/30/00)
Raya's Anime Cels (8)(ACW)(CO)(11/14/00)
Red or Dead...A Gallery for the Villains (8)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(12/29/00)
Rekka's Anime Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(11/14/00)
Revolutionary Girl's Anime Cel Gallery (11)(NL)(10/24/00)
Rings of Saturn Cel Gallery (8)(IG)(08/31/00)
Robin's Sailor Moon Cel Haven (8)(IG)(08/31/00)
Rob's Anime Cel Collection (6)(ACW)(CO)(11/14/00)
Robert's Anime Corner (5)(ACW)(CO)(11/14/00)
RooAkira's Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(11/14/00)
Ryan's Cel Gallery (8)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(11/14/00)
Ryen's Cels (4)(IG)(ACW)(CO)(11/14/00)
Ryoko's Page - please see "Kathy's Cel Gallery - The Many Moods of Ryoko"
Sailor D'ni's Cel Collection (8)(NL)(09/28/00)
Sailor Pluto's Celpage - please see "Zephyr's celpage"
Saiya-jin cels homepage (10)(ACW)
The Saiyajin Moon Cel Gallery (9)(ACW)
Saiyan Empress' Anime Cel Gallery (11)(CO)(11/04/00)
Saiyan Rage Cels (8)(IG)(ACW)(09/02/00)
Saiyan Wolf's Lair (7)(ACW)(09/02/00)
Saiyan X's Anime Cel Gallery (8)(IG)(09/02/00)
Sam's Somewhat OK Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(09/02/00)
Sathor's Anime Cels (6)(IG)(09/03/00)
Scott & Manda's Animation Art Gallery (9)(IG)(ACW)(10/11/00)
Sculder's Cels (6)(IG)(ACW)(09/03/00)
The Sea of Chaos (9)(ACW)
Seiya's Anime (10)(ACW)
ShadowLight Anime Cels (6)
Shampoo's Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(09/03/00)
Shayla's Personal Cel Collection (Shayla's Room)(5)(IG)(ACW)(09/03/00)
Silver Millennium Cel Gallery (11)(ACW)(11/01/00)
Snake's World (8)(NL)(09/28/00)
Soja Anime (5)(IG)(ACW)(09/03/00)
Solaris's Anime Haven (7)(IG)(09/03/00)
Sora's Cel Gallery (7)(IG)(ACW)(09/03/00)
Spoon's World (5)(IG)(ACW)(09/05/00)
Stayka's Anime Cel and Shitajiki Gallery (5)(IG)(ACW)(09/05/00)
Steve's Animation Cel Gallery (4)(IG)(ACW)(09/05/00)
Studio Neko-Han-Ten: Cel Gallery (9)(NL)(09/28/00)
Subspace Relay (4)(ACW)(09/09/00)
Suchi-Cake's Cels & Art... (9)(ACW)
Sumeragi's Cel Page (7)(IG)(09/05/00)
Summoner's Anime Page (10)(NL)(09/28/00)
Tabby Mel's Cels - please see "Mel's Cel Page"
Taku's Page (8)(NL)(09/28/00)
Tanzy's Cels (6)(from Jojo Stix' Cel Gallery)(10/12/00)
Tatsuo's Page (7)(ACW)
Tenchi Muyo! - Animation Cel Gallery (6)
Tenjou no Kakumei (11)(CO)(11/08/00)
Terence's Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(09/05/00)
Thalias Ultimate Slayers Garden (5)(IG)(CO)(12/29/00)
Thierry's Cels Gallery (4)(IG)(09/05/00)
Things Japan (4)(NL)(09/28/00)
Thorf's Dragonball Cel Gallery (7)(IG)(09/06/00)
?Titania's Cel Gallery (9)(NL)(09/28/00)
TK's Cel Page (11)(NL)(11/08/00)
Tokyo Anime (Himiko)(9)(NL)(09/28/00)
Tokyo Anime 2 (Ms. Poe)(9)(ACW)
Trebuchet's Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(ACW)(09/08/00)
Tsunami's Cel Parlor (5)(ACW)(09/06/00)
Tsunami's Anime Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(09/06/00)
Tuxedo's Sailor Cels (5)(IG)(ACW)(09/06/00)
Udin's Cel Collection Gallery (11)(from Jocelyn's Little Gallery)(10/17/00)
Uncle Nick's Cel Gallery (5)(IG)(ACW)(09/08/00)
The Undead Yoma Dungeon (9)(CO)(11/08/00)
Usagi's House (5)(IG)(ACW)(09/08/00)
Valerie's Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(ACW)(09/10/00)
Van's Animation Cels(Van Donovan) (9)(ACW)(09/10/00)
Van's Anime Cels (5)(IG)(09/10/00)
The Vashness of Space: A Cel Gallery (7)(IG)(ACW)(10/10/00)
V-chan's Paradise (7)(ACW)
Vegeta's Domain (8)(NL)(09/28/00)
Vegeta's FunHouse (10)(ACW)(08/30/00)
Walt's Cels (8)(ACW)
Warren's Anime Cel Collection (9)(IG)(ACW)(09/08/00)
WashuRocks' Dimension (7)(ACW)
Webdeb's Anime Cel Gallery (8)(IG)(ACW)(09/09/00)
Welcome to Manga Script Heaven + Some Other Stuff (6)(ACW)
Whizbang's Minuscule Cel Gallery (10)(NL)(09/28/00)
William's DragonBall Cel Gallery (8)(IG)(09/09/00)
Wndrkn's Anime Cel Gallery (7)(IG)(ACW)(09/10/00)
Xane's Anime Cels (5)(IG)(ACW)(09/10/00)
Yann-Bor's Cel Gallery (6)(IG)(ACW)(09/10/00)
Yolanda's Haven (5)(IG)(ACW)(09/10/00)
Young's Kimagure Home (4)(IG)(ACW)(09/10/00)
Yug Maet's Cels - please see "My Anime Cels Page"
Yuushiro Gowa's Anime Cel Gallery (11)(CO)(11/15/00)
Yuzuha, Daughter of Darkness (9)(IG)(09/10/00)
Zeiram Style Council (4)(ACW)
Zephyr's Celpage (5)(IG)(ACW)(09/02/00)
Zero System's Cel Gallery (9)(ACW)

The Unnamed Secret Cel Gallery (6)(NL)(09/28/00)

The numbers in parenthesis indicate which of my lists the cel gallery first showed up on. I can't find my first 3 lists so I just started with list number 4.

Date of Lists:

4 - July 1998
5 - ?March 1999-July 1999 (overlap)
6 - ?March 1999-Sept 20, 1999 (overlap)
7 - Sept 27, 1999-Nov 30, 1999
8 - Dec 1999-April 2000
9 - May 2000-July 14, 2000
10 - July 15-Oct 11, 2000
11 - Oct 12, 2000-Nov 14, 2000

IG - Internet Guide to Anime Cels Cel Gallery Section (not working on it)
ACW - means the cel gallery can be found on the Anime Cels Webring (not working on it).
CO - Listed at (not working on it)
NL - means I don't think the cel gallery is listed on either the Internet Guide to Anime Cels or The Anime Cels Webring. This hopefully means the newest version of the website and not an older one.

This list should get outdated very quickly. There are so many cel galleries listed under different cel gallery names that it's hard to keep track of them. Some galleries have different front page links and some people have similar names/nicknames. Some of these cel galleries are created by the same person. Sometimes I'll count them separately if the cel pages are different enough. (The Cel Gallery is in Spanish but it's on the Anime Cel Webring so it's listed here.) I'm only listing English galleries because I need to be able to read it. If a gallery is in another language and is remodeled or moves I wouldn't be able to tell if it is the same cel gallery or a new one. It's often hard to tell even if it's written in English. ^_^;;

Cel Gallery Count (roughly):

July 15, 1998 - 67
March 18, 1999 - 104
September 28, 1999 - 163
November 3, 1999 - 182
December 8, 1999 - 193
January 12, 2000 - 205
May 18, 2000 - 241
July 18, 2000 - 275
November 8, 2000 - 320
October 15, 2002 - 700-720 (esimated)(includes several dozen unlisted on either Cels.Org or Rubberslug, but showing up in Google searches. Also includes people with more than one cel gallery)