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Name: Terence

Location: Torrance, California (near Los Angeles), USA.

Occupation: Retail

Interests: ADV and visual novel games from Japan, anime (esp. ren'ai game based ones), collecting anime production artwork, alternate history and astronomy.

Current Favorite Anime (based on how much I feel like REWATCHING it and how moved I am thinking about it):

I mainly enjoy shounen romance, bishoujo-ish or action-drama anime. I don't enjoy slapstick comedies as much as I used to. :(

TV or Cable Series
1. Kanon (2006)
2. Kanon (2002)
3. To Heart
4. Sentimental Journey
5. D.N.Angel
6. Sadamitsu the Destroyer
7. Kakyuusei TV
8. Wind ~ a Breath of Heart 16 episode TV series (not the 12 episode series)

1. Rurouni Kenshin First OVA
2. Please Save My Earth
3. Doukyuusei
4. Refrain Blue
5. Koihime
6. SuikaOVA 2 (15+ ver)
7. ONE ~ True Stories (ONE 2nd OVA)
8. Combustible Campus Guardress
9. Tokimeki Memorial OVA
10. SuikaOVA 3 (GA ver)
11. Kakyuusei Elf version OVA
12. Doukyuusei Climax Files
13. Tenkousei

1. Macross: Do You Remember Love?
2. Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind
3. Porco Rosso
4. Laputa: Castle in the Sky
5. Tenchi Muyo in Love
6. Kiki's Delivery Service
7. Memories (Magnetic Rose segment)
8. Grave of the Fireflies
9. X Movie
10. Mime O Sumaseba
11. Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro

After gaining access to the internet in Dec. 1996, I bought my first cel about 4 months later. My life and my retirement savings will never be the same again.

My Favorite Anime Cel Galleries:
BlueBlade Anime Art
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Doug's Cels
ELF Cel Gallery
Jerry's Anime Cels & Sketches Homepage
John's Cel Gallery
Keys' Little Anime Cel Gallery
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Ta-kun's Cel Site

What is this Kakyuusei / Kakyusei anime anyway?

My old cel galleries list: click here

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